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Counseling for Adults

Middle aged man on beach contemplating life

We all know that taking care of ourselves is important and often spend great amounts of time, energy, and money caring for our bodies... but what about our minds, hearts, and relationships? 

Our internal world is just as important as the external (if not more so) as it defines who we are as individuals and in relationship to others. Yet all too often we wait until we are in crisis to address what's going on inside. 

Whether you are currently in the middle of a personal crisis, trying to prevent one, or just seeking to be as healthy as possible, Adulteen Counseling therapists are here to walk with you and help you reach a better place. 

Issues commonly explored through individual counseling include: 

  • anxiety​

  • depression

  • trauma

  • grief and loss

  • anger management

  • past abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

  • identity

  • spirituality

If you are ready to take this positive step for yourself, we are ready to take it with you. 

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