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Understanding Your Adolescent

3 hrs

When your child was little, did it seem like there was an abundance of information on how to raise them, but now that he or she is a teenager it is harder to find what you need? Do you have a late elementary student and worry about the upcoming years of teenage angst? Or are you watching your young adult/college age child still trying to figure out life and wondering how you can help?

Group of diverse adolescent students

This seminar, presented by Brian Crim, LMFT, will help you learn more about how the adolescent brain works and how to encourage a healthy and positive dynamic with him or her. Helpful for parents and caregivers of kids in late grade school through parents with children in their 20s (yes, adolescence lasts that long!). 


Topics discussed include: 

  • motivation

  • decision-making

  • risky behavior

  • communication

  • emotional regulation

  • AND the fact that they WILL move out someday! 

Please see below for information and registration details on upcoming seminar dates. 

Presented in partnership with Pierce-St Croix County CARES Coalition and area organizations willing to sponsor the cost of the event. For more information on hosting the Understanding Your Adolescent Seminar in your community, please contact us. 

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